Nikomerce is a creative, consulting, and marketing agency built for modern businesses.

After 17 years of E-commerce experience and countless headaches dealing with “marketing gurus,” we have decided to provide a full service experience that is completely results driven. No long term contracts, or one size fits all methods. We custom tailor each approach to maximize your return. We practice what we preach as we own several E-commerce brands that collectively spent millions of dollars on our own campaigns. We have learned from our mistakes in-order to maximize your dollar spent.

Our team consists of 14 members who specialize in website development, Facebook and Google advertising, email marketing, product sourcing, and much more. We have experts in each field including members who have worked in major corporations such as Google and other various high profile companies. Our team is ready to accelerate your business to reach its full potential. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Don’t break the bank by getting locked into long-term contracts with expensive agencies that overpromise and under deliver. After years in the space we decide to work with our clients on purely performance space pay. 
Large agencies fit their clients into their systems and their services. Nikomerce works as a small and extremely effective unit providing custom solutions tailored to your business. We are very specific with who we work with, and have hand select talented entrepreneurs working on our team. 
We are a radically open creative collective with years of experience in the online business world. We look at what everyone else is doing and strive to do something completely original and new. We live and breathe disruption, and for more than five years that’s been the secret to our portfolio of business and our clients unprecedented success. performance space pay. 

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